Minimized to the maximum, the basic idea in developing this amplifier.

Shortest signal paths and minimal feedback loops reduces deviations to a minimum. The challenge in the development consisted in designing a minimized circuit the way that the few elements operate perfectly stable.

The Voltage Accurate Constant Current Amplifier (Patent DE 10 2009 057 225) developed by me is the technical realization of all these requirements:

In difference to conventional amplifier circuits voltage and current amplification is done totally independent from each other. And in any operation condition the bias current of the voltage amplification stage remains pure constant current (DC).
This leads to absolute no relation between current and voltage within the amplifier. Therefore every loudspeaker will be driven in perfection regardless of its impedance characteristic.

Best components ensure long-term stability over decades.
Thus the mains power has only the smallest possible impact on the sonic performance of the amplifier, the power supply is placed in a seperat case.

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